HOW does it WORK?


  1. Email us a copy or an excerpt of your document (and the projected full word count) so that we can estimate cost and time required.  Please also let us know a time frame for its return.
  2. We send you our editorial agreement which will explain work to be done, delivery and payment.
  3. Confirm by return email if you wish to proceed.
  4. Payment can be made either through Paypal on the website or by bank transfer via email.
  5. Work can then begin on your document.
  6. If the schedule changes in any way we will let you know immediately.
  7. Document return.  By the due date we will give you your edited document in PDF form with recommended changes if submitted online.  Alternatively, we will return your hard copy with hand-written changes.
  8. If you are not satisfied, or additional changes are required, we are happy to make these changes.


For business and other academic customers please contact us directly for a more comprehensive quote and to find out about significant discounts on larger (more than 5000 words) projects!